This is my road. There are many like it but this one is mine.

I would never ask anyone to walk any distance in my shoes. For one, that’s just weird. Asking someone to put their feet into your shoes. They probably wouldn’t even fit very well. Then to get up and wander around in alien footwear. I wouldn’t do it and I would never ask it of anyone. They’re my shoes and mine to walk in.

But I would ask that you be mindful of the path I’m walking, and the road I walk upon. As I’ll endeavor to be mindful of your path and your road, because one never knows what turmoil and tragedy someone else has seen on their road. And much like I cannot know where you have been, where your path has led you, neither can I know where it will take you. And neither can you know where the twists and turns I have taken will lead me.

And that’s about the most you can hope for from other people. That they respect your path and the road you walk, and maybe share some sympathy.

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