Flash Review: A Lush and Seething Hell, by John Hornor Jacobs

lush and seething hell cover

Title: A Lush and Seething Hell

Author: John Hornor Jacobs

Publisher: Harper Voyager

In the latest offering from the inimitable John Hornor Jacobs we’re actually given a double feature. A Lush and Seething Hell contains The Sea Dreams it is the Sky, previously released only in digital, as well as the short novel My Heart Struck Sorrow. Both are narratives of creeping, seething dread, with Jacobs’ prose at the absolute top of its game.

I’ve written previously on The Sea Dreams it is the Sky, so I’ll focus primarily on My Heart Struck Sorrow and the book in its entirety for the sake of this review. And as far as the book in its entirety goes, Jacobs breathes a world to sinister life and connects two otherwise disparate tales together with the common threads of deeply personal horror. With My Heart Struck Sorrow we are taken on a dark, strange ride through the American South chasing down a song that is so much more than a song. And while it’s the world and the environment that truly shines becoming something both immersive and evocative, Jacobs does a disconcertingly good job sliding the reader into the skin of the narrator. It goes a long ways towards making the ever-rising note of horror more distinct, the darkness a little bit darker.

A Lush and Seething Hell is available now in print and digital, and I absolutely cannot recommend it enough.

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