Flash Review – Pimp My Airship, by Maurice Broaddus


Title: Pimp My Airship

Author: Maurice Broaddus

Publisher: Apex Book Company

My favorite thing about reading books is visualizing the stories inside of them. Seeing them. Letting my mind interpret the writer’s words to create scenes and sequences inside of my mind. Some books it’s slow, some books it doesn’t happen very often. Some books, within the first few pages, everything almost kind of crystallizes and comes together and I can actually see moments and characters and things as they occur, while I read them. Pimp My Airship is that kind of book.  I could see it in my head as if I were watching it on a screen in front of me. I’ve always been a fan of animation, and after finishing Pimp My Airship I desperately wish there were some way to have it turned into an animated, musical feature-length film. Something dangerous and provocative and exciting. Something that makes me laugh and wince and think, and cover those thoughts in sweet smoke and turn them inside out and shove them back in my head. Something with a saxophone mourning in the background, a snare rasping, a trumpet crooning like the ghost of Miles Davis banged the soundtrack together.

Indianapolis comes alive, though it’s an alternate, alien world from the one we know. It’s filled with characters that are brave and frightening and hilarious. Ultimately, it’s a story about revolution and rebellion and all the many forms they can take, and changing hearts as well as minds, and it sets the stage for a much bigger story and wider world. One thing it certainly never does, though, is relent or let up. It’s a page-turner, and one that will definitely leave a reader looking for the next installment.

Pimp My Airship is available now in digital and in print, from Apex.

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