The Inevitable Conclusion

Darkweird is here. The Weirdpocalypse has happened. But if you’re here, you probably already knew that.

So what comes next in the tragicomic supernatural misadventures of Thomas and friends? Where will the road into the strange unknown lead them? Luckily for you folks playing along at home, those answers will be readily available in the third–and final–book of the Grey Days series, entitled SACRED ENGINES.

I’d always planned for the series to be a trilogy. A triptych, of a sort, that tells three interlocking tales. A not-so-heroic journey, if you will. More than anything, what I want, is for it to be a story with a distinct, resolute beginning and end.

I actually started writing Sacred Engines before I’d even finished Darkweird. It’s been plotted since around the same time I actually first started writing Darkweird (which was a lot longer ago than I care to admit but that’s not what we’re here to talk about). It will be the absolute close to the story, and will give it all a definitive ending. It’s probably not anything like the ending you may be expecting if you’ve been following the books so far. But that’s not the point. It’s the ending that it needs to have for it to be the story it needs to be. Here, then, is a sneak peek at the cover art for Sacred Engines.

sacred engines coming 2019

All that said, I am doing my best to hammer out the first draft of Sacred Engines. I am diligent, and I am dedicated.

Stay Tuned.


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