The State of Things

This post is probably going to be a little bit all over this place, so bear with me. It’s probably going to ramble quite a bit, so apologies. And I can’t guarantee it won’t go over long, so apologies again.


The Weirdpocalypse is coming. After what feels like forever (and has, in fact, been a lot longer than I’m comfortable admitting) my next book Darkweird is right around the corner. I plan on it being released into the wild sometime at the end of July, or possibly the beginning of August. It’s going through one last, fine-toothed comb round of edits while I wait for the last couple pieces of art to come in. Then it will be a whirlwind of formatting and preparation for distribution in print and digital. And then that’s it, then it’s on to the next thing.

Which brings me to The Next Thing. I plan on finishing off the “Grey Days” trilogy with Sacred Engines. It’s the absolute culmination of everything Thomas and friends have been through, and will end the series with finality. I have plans for things that I’d really like to start working on already, but until I finish off these books I cannot in good conscience start on them. So what are they? That’s a surprise. But I can say they will be absolutely nothing like Red Sky Blues, Darkweird, or the upcoming Sacred Engines. I can say, though, that someday I will return to the world of Grey Days with a handful of stories focusing on the adventures of a young Hack Spencer during the waning days of the Wild West and the early 1900’s.

In non-writing related news, I’ve decided I would like to expand my reviews. In particular, I’d like to start doing reviews of more fantasy and science fiction from independent authors and small presses. If that’s you, or someone you know, throw them my way I’d love to talk with them and see what they’ve got. I’m also very interested in beginning a series of interviews with authors and artists and other creators, so we’ll see how that goes, too.

Anyways, I’ve got a lot more that I could throw out and say but I won’t. I’ve got a lot of work to do, which, I should do. So, as always, be kind to yourselves. Be kind to each other.

Stay tuned.


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