Flash Review – Blindsight, by Peter Watts

Title: Blindsight

Author: Peter Watts

Publisher: Tor

Imagine you are conscious.

Imagine you are aware.

I’m going to endeavor to keep this review as brief as I can, but I make no promises. I’ve been chewing on this book for the last couple weeks and it has given me a lot to think about. You could say, ungenerously, that Blindsight is a hard science-fiction story about first contact. And while that would be true, it would be incorrect. Because, I don’t believe, that is what the story is about. It is most definitely hard sci-fi, some of the hardest. Watts litters the prose with bleeding edge terminology, interlaced in such a way with beautiful sentence structure and wondrous descriptions that you hardly notice you’ve got no clue what he’s talking about sometimes.

Blindsight is a book about consciousness, and awareness, and sentience. It is a story about Humanity, and what that means–and whether or not it is a good thing. It is a story about a pack of individuals pushing at the very razor’s edge of what it even means to be human, faced with the truly alien. It is a story about so very much. Thankfully, also, it is a very well written and engaging story. It’s also frightening as hell, and satisfied a long-standing itch for space horror I have been trying to scratch for years.

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