The Art of Red Sky Blues

As you may or may not have noticed by now, I’ve got a book called Red Sky Blues. What you may not actually know is that I’d originally intended for it to be a comic, probably a graphic novel. Obviously it didn’t work out that way, but something that was and remains very important to me is for my work to prominently feature art. That being the case, I endeavored to make and acquire as much art as I was able to accompany Red Sky Blues.

So I thought it would be fun to feature some of the art right here. Ready? Here we go.

Red Sky Blues - Front Cover
Red Sky Blues – Front Cover

The front cover itself. It was a long and sometimes ugly road to get it to this point, but eventually I managed to land on something that I was happy with and people seem to have appreciated as well. I’ll never understand how the so-called maxim of “don’t judge a book by its cover” became such a persistent thing. Everyone judges a book by its cover. I like to think Red Sky Blues has a cover that people can appreciate.





Red Sky Blues - Alternate Cover
Red Sky Blues – Alternate Cover

There was, for a minute, another contender that I personally liked a lot but ended up passing on. I still enjoy looking at it, and as far as the composition of the design, and the art itself, I’m pretty proud of it for what it is.







Red Sky Blues – Promotional Flier

On its initial release, I did a handful of what you could call ‘promotional pieces’ for Red Sky Blues. This one was definitely my favorite. I think it captures a lot of what Red Sky Blues embodies.







The Stardust Motel – The Mysterious Object in Room 209

If you’ve read the book, you probably know there’s a small tangent of short stories at the end. A series of epilogues, I guess you could say. If you don’t know, you do now. One of them I managed to create a cover for all its own, which I kind of think is one of the best things I’ve ever actually done. I really like this piece.






Enough of my nonsense. That’s not why you’re here, right? You want to see the good stuff. If you’re one of the folks that ended up getting the print version of Red Sky Blues, you made the right choice. It’s got a handful of pieces in it done by the wildly talented artist Will Kirkby, who somehow agreed to illustrate a number of scenes from the book. I’m still convinced they’re the whole reason anyone ever actually got the thing. At any rate, here they are in all their glory, accompanied by colors by myself. I’m never not blown away by these images. Will well and truly outdid himself.

Things of wonder and beauty, right? Constantly in awe of these pieces.

The followup to Red Sky Blues is in the works and set to be released upon the world later this year (though not too much later). Darkweird will feature even more art than its predecessor, by a menagerie of incredibly talented artists that I am thankful and incredibly lucky to have gotten to work with. More info on that soon.

As always, take care and be kind to yourselves.

Stay tuned.







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