Darkweird – The Blurb

Recently I revealed the cover for Darkweird, the next installment of my weird occult fantasy series Grey Days, that follows along the misadventures of scholar, curmudgeon, and wizard Thomas Grey. Now, then, it is time for another revelation.

Behold, the blurb:

It’s the end of the world.


Things haven’t quite been the same since the last supernatural apocalypse. The days are getting stranger, the nights more dangerous. The monsters clamor and conspire in the shadows, and the people are starting to talk. For wizard and occult scholar Thomas Grey, every day is a struggle just to survive. It’s all he can do to keep the city from burning down, and its people from getting dragged off into the dark. 

Then, of course, things get worse. There’s a cult–there’s always a cult–and a rogue angel, and a plot to destroy the barrier between the supernatural world and what’s left of the real one. The next thing Thomas knows he’s on the far end of reality in a fight for his life and sanity, racing against the clock to get home and save his friends.

He’s nobody’s hero, but a guy’s got to try.

Darkweird Cover Gif

Darkweird is coming soon, and you can prepare for the weirdpocalypse by checking out the first book in the Grey Days series, Red Sky Blues.

Stay tuned.



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